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Get Notified has helped many webmasters transform their communications method with their subscribers. This is especially true for bloggers and service providers. What is often overlooked is the power that Get Notified offers to webmasters running an ecommerce type website. Just imagine being able to notify subscribers about new product releases or about time sensitive “deals” or sales. What if we told you that Get Notified in theory works with all WP themes without a hitch! That includes WooCommerce! We created a demo to show you:

Have a look by clicking here to see our working WooCommerce demo.


For $18, getting access to this powerful capability is a must; wouldn’t you say so? If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a line here.


Simple recipe to the secret sauce

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take a quick moment to answer a question asked in the comments section and show you the recipe to the secret sauce (how easy it is to setup Get Notified for your wordpress installation). First, let’s have a look at vavamartins‘ question on CodeCanyon: vavamartins Asks: Hi. I already bought your […]

109% Clickthrough rates?!

Have you ever heard of 109% Clickthrough rates? In the email world, no matter how glorious your list might be, how catchy your title or preview pane is, and no matter how electrifying your content is… You’ve come to expect the mathematical and physical rules that : Sends > opens > clickthroughs That’s Sends are […]


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Get Notified

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